Smarter Than Your Average Robot

Why Cloud Robots


What is a Cloud Robot?

Cloud Robots access AI in the cloud via a high speed secure network. Unlike scripted or static robots, cloud robots dynamically use this intelligence to adapt to different customer groups and event settings.

Better Customer Engagement

Approachable and welcoming, Cloud Robots engage customers dynamically. Their natural engaging style puts customers at ease.

Improved Interaction

Cloud Robots are able to identify and greet multiple specific customers and identify hundreds of objects via face and object recognition technology.

Learn Over Time

As Cloud robots interact with more customers, their experiences are catalogued. This data improves and optimizes future engagements.


We can customize cloud robots for different industries, tradeshow types or customer groups.

Discover Our Cloud Robots

Cloud Pepper

Engaging – Resourceful – Personalized


Converses in and understands multiple languages

Dances and Entertains

Cloud Pepper’s movement and dialogue systems allow for hours of entertainment for your guests

Customized Branding

We can customize cloud robots to different industry verticals, tradeshow types or customer groups

Cloud Robots in Action

Exhibitions and Tradeshows

Spice up your next event or your exhibition booth with a robot to interact with customers. Guaranteed to generate traffic and leave an impression.

Hotel Lobby

Place a robot in your hotel lobby and see the amazement in your customer’s eyes as it answers questions and directs them to their destinations.

Marketing Events

Add sizzle to your next marketing event by hiring a robot. Guaranteed to leave a unique and memorable impression.


Our robots make the perfect standout salesperson. They can ask questions, suggest products, and are customizeable to your brand.

Brand Ambassador

Create an unique brand experience by hiring a robot for events to increase brand awareness and drive traffic.

Corporate Training Aid

Use our robots to make your next corporate event unique and innovative.

Our Services

Services for All Rentals

  1. Robot Setup and Training On Venue Site – Configuration, connectivity validation and preparations for operations. Customer training on robot operation basics.
  2. Robot Operations and Support – Handler will be onsite throughout the rental with robot to ensure smooth robotic operations at venue.
  3. Robot Shipping and Handling – We ship the robot to you and provide for return shipping.

Custom Rental Services

  1. Custom Q&A – Customer can provide questions and answers that the robot will use to converse with guests.
  2. Custom Dialogue – Customer can provide conversational dialogue for robot. Then handler will run through a rehearsal with customer prior to the event to ensure smooth robotic operations.
  3. Custom Branding – Customer can provide logo or slogan to be displayed by robot.